Town of Woodbury Police Department
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The Woodbury Police Department's main focus is to provide progressive community service and remain an active partner in our community's ​current events. 

The Woodbury Police Department strives to improve the services it provides to our ever-growing community. To that end, the department has created Annual Reports to summarize basic functions of the department and it's activity.


The Woodbury Police Department strives to provide professional, comprehensive service. To this end, the department continues to expand the programs and services ​it offers it's residents.

​​There are currently five specialized units in operation within the Town of Woodbury Police Department. These units are staffed by certain police officers who have received the additional training necessary in order to be members of such units.


The Town of Woodbury Police Department endeavors to serve the community with pride, professionalism and progress on all law enforcement matters. To that end, The Police Department is comprised of 2 part-time and 21 full time police officers, 4 full time police dispatchers and 7 part-time employees. All members of the department are dedicated to the principles of community policing to preserve and protect our quality of life 24 hours a day.