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Orange County STOP DWI Program is a grant that provides funding for directed DWI patrol and checkpoints. Town of Woodbury Police Department is an active participant in this program. All of the police officers of the Woodbury Police Department have received extensive training in DWI detection and enforcement. This department routinely enforces, on a daily basis, the DWI laws through directed patrols.

Operation Concern

Operation Concern allows residents of the Town of Woodbury to register their loved ones or place themselves on a call list. This list is in place in order to ensure that its participants are called daily. Therefore, if a participant is not reached after various attempts, a patrol unit will be sent to ensure the health and safety of the participant. It can provide peace of mind for residents who participate in the program. 

Animal Control

The Town of Woodbury employs one full time Animal Control Officers (ACO) who continually patrols the town and pick up stray dogs. They are dispatched through the Woodbury Police Department. The Animal Control Officers also maintain the town's Dog Shelter where strays are housed until their legal owners can be located. Every effort is made to find a good home for all dogs when their owners can not be found.
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Prescription and Unwanted Drug Disposal

​The Town of Woodbury Police Department would like to remind residents that there is a prescription drug turn in box located in the police department lobby. Unused prescription drugs can be damaging to the environment and alluring and dangerous to children and young people if not disposed of properly. Any resident can turn in any accumulated, unwanted, unused or expired prescription drugs at any time, no questions asked. All of the prescription drugs that are turned in will be disposed of properly and safely.


The Town of Woodbury, in conjunction with Project Child Safe, will be distributing free gun locking devices to Town of Woodbury residents. Project Child Safe is a program whose purpose is to promote safe firearms handling and storage practices among all firearms owners, through the distribution of safety messages and gun locking devices all over the United States. This program is being funded by a US Department of Justice Grant.
The free firearm safety kit, which includes a firearm locking device, can be obtained by visiting, at anytime, the Town of Woodbury Police department, located at 386 Route 32 in Central Valley. For further, contact Sgt. Bourke at or (845) 928-2341

No Person Left Behind

​During times of emergencies and natural disasters, the Town of Woodbury has developed an Emergency Response Plan which is in place to direct first responders in a way that best aids the residents of the town. The Town of Woodbury Police department enacts the plan when needed. A program the Town of Woodbury Police have started, as a part of the Emergency Response Plan, in order to better serve the residents during a time of need is called No Person Left Behind. This program requires residents to register, who may have special needs during times of an emergency, to allow us to better prepare your Police, Fire and Ambulance services for your unique circumstances. These needs would include, but not limited to: mentally challenged, limited or no mobility, confined to an oxygen or other medical equipment to sustain life etc. We encourage anyone with special needs to take advantage of this service by filling out the form and returning it to the Town of Woodbury Police Department either in person or by email to

EMT Training

The Town of Woodbury Police Department works closely with Woodbury Volunteer Ambulance Core in order to provide excellent emergency medical care for our residents. The majority of our officers are certified NYS Emergency Medical Technicians. Few local police departments have an EMT program due to the rigorous training necessary to become and maintain an officer's certification. Enabling our police officers, who typically are the first responders to all medical calls, to be familiar and equipped with all medical supplies needed to save lives greatly increases our ability to assist residents in times of medical distress. Our EMT's carry supplies such as oxygen, defibrillators, Narcan, splints, bandages. All of which have been used by our officers to save many lives.

Child Passenger Seat Safety

The Town of Woodbury Police Department has specially trained police officers who are certified Child Passenger Safety Seat Installers. By appointment, these officers will professionally install your child safety seat. During installation, these officers will provide the owner with safety tips and guidelines to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable. Your child's safety are these officer's paramount concern. 

Rape Aggression Defense Course

​Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) is an international program that trains citizens in self-defense in case they ever become victim to an attack. The R.A.D. Systems of Self Defense offers programs for women, children, men and seniors. These offerings provide a truly holistic approach to self defense education, supporting the necessity of continuous learning in order to provide realistic options for each population as they go through life. Each of these programs includes educational components comprised of lecture, discussion, physical resistance strategies. All of which are facilitated by certified R.A.D. Instructors. The Town of Woodbury Police Department currently has four R.A.D. instructors. For any groups that would like to have R.A.D. training, please call 928-2341 or email

Vacant House

This program allows residents to submit a form in order to have a Town of Woodbury Patrol Unit monitor the condition of their home for a requested range of dates to ensure that it remains in its present condition as they vacation or leave their home vacant for any other means.


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