The deparment annually hosts the local cub scouts as they tour the station in order to become familiar with police procedures, equipment, and get to know their local Officers.

Woodbury Police Department

Our people make the difference.

Our goal is to meet the growing demand for police services in an economical manner while maintaining a competent modern professional law enforcement agency is a challenging endeavor. To meet the needs of the community the department is organized into four areas of responsibility:

  Command & Control: Consists of the Chief of Police, a Lieutenant and four Sergeants. The Chief of Police and Lieutenant are primarily administrative law enforcement positions with the responsibility for planning, directing, budgeting, training and reviewing the activities of the department and its first line supervisors. The Sergeants are responsible for the day-to-day activities of the line personnel and dispatchers, in addition to various administrative duties. Their work is carried out in accordance with modern law enforcement principles, management techniques, and administrative practices.

​ Criminal Investigations: The department’s Detective is responsible for managing, directing, conducting and co-coordinating investigations that are beyond the capabilities of the patrol unit. In addition the Detective coordinates our investigations and assists other law enforcement agencies and jurisdictions with their investigations for the Town of Woodbury. The Detective works under the direct supervision of the Lieutenant and Chief of Police.

​ Patrol Division: Currently there are eleven full time patrol officers, three part time officers, and six SRO's assigned to this division. Patrol Officers serve the citizens and businesses of the town. They are responsible for the protection of life and property, prevention of crime, detection and arrest of suspects, the preservation of our quality of life, traffic enforcement and police service duties. These officers possess a thorough knowledge of the Penal Law, Vehicle & Traffic Law, local ordinances, use of force, crime prevention, department rules, regulations and policies, and modern police operational techniques. Patrol officers perform their duties with visual acuity, and sound judgment while being resourceful, patient, courteous and tactful.

  Communications & Support: The civilian personnel of the department staff this division. Currently there are three full time dispatchers, four part-time dispatchers, one part-time police matron, and various interpreters as required by the department. The communications center is the heart of the department and is responsible for dispatching police, fire and ambulance calls within the Town. Dispatchers insure that vital information is accurately and efficiently disseminated to the appropriate units in the field while maintaining accurate records of their transactions. Police Matrons assist the patrol officers with females during the investigation and/or arrest phase of the criminal process. Interpreters are used to translate foreign languages as needed to conduct the business of the department.

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Town of Woodbury Police Department