During times of emergencies and natural disasters, the Town of Woodbury has developed an Emergency Response Plan which is in place to direct first responders in a way that best aids the residents of the town. The Town of Woodbury Police department enacts the plan when needed. A program the Town of Woodbury Police have started, as a part of the Emergency Response Plan, in order to better serve the residents during a time of need is called No Person Left Behind. This program requires residents to register, who may have special needs during times of an emergency, to allow us to better prepare your Police, Fire and Ambulance services for your unique circumstances. These needs would include, but not limited to: mentally challenged, limited or no mobility, confined to an oxygen or other medical equipment to sustain life etc. We encourage anyone with special needs to take advantage of this service by filling out the below form and returning it to the Town of Woodbury Police Department either in person or by email to kmchugh@woodburypolice.org

No Person Left Behind

For Emergencies, Contact Us @ (845) 928-2341 or 911

Town of Woodbury Police Departmen​t
386 Route 32, Central Valley, NY 10917