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Town of Woodbury Police Departmen​t
386 Route 32, Central Valley, NY 10917

Motorcycle Unit

The Woodbury Police Department Police Motorcycle unit has been in service since 2003. The unit currently utilizes the  BMW Police package motorcycle. This unit is currently staffed with several officers. The maneuverability of the police motorcycle offers advantages not provided by larger more traditional police vehicles. One example is maneuvering through congested traffic. The Woodbury Police Department utilizes this motorcycle for traffic law enforcement, patrol, and special events such as parades, funerals, dignitary visits, and motorcycle bike runs. It is also proactive policing as the motor unit has high police visibility in the neighborhoods. It also creates police involvement and interaction with the youths in the comunity. Police motorcycles are often called motors, and employ unique characteristics with both high and low speed maneuverability required of the police motorcyclist. It creates a need for specialized training. Officers are required to train in low speed maneuvering, high speed control, braking, curve negotiation, defensive driving, and law enforcement techniques